Board Members


Robert Albert

The son of North Americans, Rob was born and raised in Caracas until the age of 11. Following college, he returned to his beloved Venezuela at the age of 23, where he now lives in the state of Mérida in the Andes mountains. He collaborates with Foundation associate Gisela De Sarrazin running ServYr Mérida, our extension based in Mérida.

Lesley Coulton Alpert

Born in Colombia, Lesley lived in Venezuela before studying in the U.S., where she received her M.D. and Ph.D. degrees from Tufts University. Having worked as a physician at hospitals affiliated with Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas and McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, she is now retired and lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She supports our medical, dental and rural activities.

Steven Bloomstein

President of the Turimiquire Foundation, Steven has lived in Venezuela since 1973. He directs the foundation, and administers our family planning and rural education and development programs. He is co-founder, with Robert Albert, of the Dos Pasos farm.

 William Bloomstein

President of Witt Creative, a marketing and communications firm based in Boston, Willie has been assisting in Turimiquire area projects for more than 25 years. He directs our United States office and oversees our outreach, public relations, and solicitation initiatives.

Steve Morgan

Steve is President of Clean Energy Solutions, a U.S. energy conservation firm helping communities plan and implement efficiency and renewables programs. He has worked in a range of non-profit agencies, and has been visiting and advising us on our work in Venezuela since 1983.

Board member Bob Albert with neighbor Pedro Maria Rodriguez