Clinics We Work With

Health and Social Services

The Foundation opened its first family planning clinic in 1997 at the public hospital in the farming town of Cumanacoa. We now assist an extended network of public and private health care facilities in the Sucre state capital of Cumaná as well as Cumanacoa, and in the rural counties which surround them. The Foundation is in close touch with the medical staff at each site, and supplements family planning materials and personnel as necessary to maintain and enhance reproductive health services for the public.


Rural Public Health Facilities

  • Sucre County: Los Frailes, Pantanillo, Los Ipures, Barrancas, San Fernando, Tataracual, Rancheria, Santa Ines, Rio San Juan, Nurucual, Santa Fe, Yaguaracual, San Pedro, Playa Colorada, San Pedrito, Vega Grande, Las Manoas
  • Montes County: San Fernando, Barrio Adentro Rio Arena, Cedeño, Pie de Cuesta, Quebrada Seca, Arenas, Agua Blanca, San Lorenzo, Cocollar, Punto de Cocollar, Aricagua, San Juanillo, Los Dos Rios, Caiguire, San Baltazar

Urban Public Health Facilities

  • Ambulatorio Urbano Fe y Alegría, Cumaná
  • Ambulatorio Urbano Salvador Allende, Cumaná
  • Hospital Julio Rodriguez, Cumaná
  • Hospital I “Luis Daniel Beauperthuy,” Cumanacoa

Urban Private Health Facilities

  • Clínica Grupo Medico Sucre, Cumaná
  • Consultorio Medico Chavelo, Cumaná
  • Clínica San Vincente de Paul, Cumaná
  • Clínica Santa Rosa, Cumaná
  • Cooperativo Montes, Cumanacoa

State and National Facilities

  • Municipio Sucre Ministerio de Salud Publica (Sucre County Public Health Ministry)
  • FundaSalud Estado Sucre Materno-Infantíl (Sucre State Public Health Ministry – Maternal Infant Health)
  • Universidad del Oriente (University of the Oriente)
  • Concejo Municipal en Defensa de Niños y Adolescentes (County Council for the Protection of Minors)