Doing More With Less

Doing more with less.

Rather than spending time and money building new infrastructure, we partner with Venezuela’s existing public and private health and education systems – and leverage the country’s current infrastructure – for maximum efficiency and impact.

Our demand-driven human services advocate for – and support – accepted Venezuelan public policy that is already in place.

We make it work!

The Foundation’s number one asset is our people. We work closely with a committed group of Venezuelan professionals across a range of disciplines – from social services to public education to medical and surgical teams – who are supported by an equally passionate group of volunteers and community activists.

We invest minimally in publicity and outreach because there is little need for it. We offer what people need and they eagerly tell others about us by word-of-mouth. Both government and private agencies regularly refer to us now. Indeed, more people come to us for help than we can possibly satisfy – no matter how efficient we are!

We believe that it is in the crucible of community-based Foundations like ours that some of the most effective solutions for human and environmental progress are being forged today.

  • All Board Members donate their services and do not receive compensation of any kind.
  • Volunteers from the United States pay their own way.
  • All in-country staff are Venezuelans: we are now recognized as a significant local employer.
  • We happily receive and distribute material donations, including medical and school supplies, used laptops, tablets, cellphones and clothing in the United States. We do not pay for anything that is not absolutely necessary.


How do other nonprofits measure up when it comes to administrative costs?

How do we spend your donations? Very carefully. Learn more here.


We only add what is specifically required for the direct delivery of human services to the low-income populations we serve. We operate as independent agents within the public infrastructure, completely controlling our own input and services. We are appreciated for adding strong value to public services while avoiding the political and corruption intrigues that can be characteristic of the sector.


We use Social Marketing. All services are offered at subsidized prices accessible to our clients. We recuperate a part of our administrative costs, and the client earns the service with a deserved sense of self-esteem. No one is turned away if we can help. The poorest are given the logistical and financial help they need.

Our operating principle is simple: Reach a maximum number of people and help them improve their lives using the most EFFICIENT delivery models possible.

We don’t spend time creating new systems, we don’t spend money building new infrastructure, we just deliver reliable services that genuinely change lives.