Humanitarian Aid

Here are photos of three patients receiving orthopedic interventions, two young girls? and one baby?. ?Each of these case?s ?involve?d? deformities that ?were significantly corrected with this one intervention. The girl in the middle, from a poor rural family, will have to wear a brace for a period to reset the deformed arm. The child on the right had his toes surgically-repaired – note the improvement! Each intervention should change these children’s lives forever for the better.

And here is the surgery team responsible. We tip our hats to the medical teams that work with us for symbolic fees, barely enough to cover expenses, at a time when everyone is struggling in Venezuela.

We seek to offer a broader range of services in response to the current medical emergency here in Venezuela, both by seeking more funding and by using social marketing to determine what modest percentage of the costs the patients can assume themselves. Our strong relationship?s with doctors and clinics in the private sector allows us to help more low income people with a wider range of services at exceptionally low cost — a real opportunity for the interested social investor.