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Reproductive Health

The Foundation’s reproductive heath education workshops for adolescents seek to help young women and men make wise choices regarding their fertility.

Family planning is a stated policy of the Venezuelan government, but the nation has not been able to keep up with the tremendous demand for this critical elective service. In a country whose population has more than quadrupled over the past 60 years, the unmet need for family planning remains enormous.

The Turimiquire Foundation, through our sister Foundation Fundación ServYr in Venezuela, has spearheaded the establishment of family planning services in the state of Sucre. We have supported family planning in two public hospitals, in several private clinics, in Cumana’s urban “ambulatorios” (walk-in public health facilities), and in selected rural ambulatorios in three counties. We supply contraceptives, educational materials, staff and administrative support for family planning services and reproductive health workshops. All services are implemented by Venezuelan health care professionals in accordance with Venezuelan public health policies.

From our startup in May 1997 through December 2015:

We have delivered 89,739 Couple Years of Protection (CYPs) - the metric by which USAID measures family planning achievement - to the rural and urban low income populations that we serve.
To achieve this, we have served more than 38,000 women and their families with birth control methods, including 4,854 tubal sterilizations, the most popular method for mature women here in Venezuela.
The ongoing socio-economic crisis in Venezuela has resulted in a marked deterioration in public health care. We have expanded our surgery program to include a wider range of procedures for lower middle and working class families who can no longer count on public health services. In 2015, we performed 700 tubal sterilizations, 143 hernia repairs, and a number of partial mastectomies, biopsies, and cesarean sections for people in need. The demand for adequate health care is enormous and simply not being met.
To reach the critical younger populations who are coming into reproductive age, we have offered 2,623 Workshops in Sexual and Reproductive Health to 50,677 participants, primarily students and teenagers, but also to personnel in public service and educational institutions.
We have done all this on an average budget of less than $50,000 a year dedicated to family planning.

Our work continues to grow in 2016!

The enormous unsatisfied rural and urban demand for family planning, and the widely unmet need for reproductive health services, far exceed our current funding and capacity to provide, but we are ready and eager to expand our services with your support!

Family Planning: Our Story in Numbers

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