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Annual Reports and Fact Sheets

Click on the links below to download PDF versions of our annual reports and fact sheets.
All reports require Adobe Acrobat Reader.


December 2015 -- Turimiquire and the Venezuelan crisis

Diciembre 2015 -- Turimiquire y la crisis en Venezuela

September 2015 -- Agriculture and Fruit Trees at Turimiquire

Septiembre 2015 --Frutas y Agricultura en Turimiquire

November 2014 -- Meet Marcela at Turimiquire

Noviembre 2014 -- Conozca Marcela de Turimiquire

July 2014 -- The Turimiquire Story: How we started

Julio 2014 -- La Historia Turimiquire: Así empezamos

November 2013 -- From Illiteracy to College

Noviembre 2013 -- De Analfabetismo a Universitario

June 2013 -- Our Story in Numbers

November 2012 -- Family Planning and Education

June 2012 -- One Generation At A Time

October 2011 -- Rural Education

May 2011 -- Please come Dream with Us

Information Sheets

Turimiquire Foundation: A History of Achievements

Family Planning: Our Story in Numbers

Experiments in Agriculture

Turimiquire References

Turimiquire Awards

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