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“When we are dreaming alone, 
it is only a dream.
When we are dreaming with others, 
it is the beginning of reality.”

–Dom Helder Camara
EMERGENCY PRIORITIES:  After years of chronic economic and social crisis in Venezuela, our low-income clients are now facing almost impossible odds – the world's highest (1000%+) inflation and serious (80%+) scarcity of food, medicine and basic consumer goods. 

And the Foundation is responding:
  • Our work has taken on an increasingly urgent humanitarian focus.
  • We find ourselves helping people survive overwhelmingly difficult health and other life situations.
  • We provide guidance and support for desperate communities seeking any and every possible option to somehow scratch out a better life.
Responding to this harsh reality in Venezuela
has become the Foundation's fate.
It is not what we planned for – we never imagined this level of need when we set out on our Venezuelan journey in 1995 - but it is now our reality. We're doing everything in our power to provide high-impact humanitarian, medical, and educational services 
under increasingly adverse circumstances.
MEDICAL CRISIS:  National healthcare here is deeply compromised.  When you go to a public hospital, you wait hours, sometimes days, to be attended. They then give you a list of all the medications, syringes, sutures, bandages, antiseptics, x-rays, etc. and so forth, that you may need to be treated, and your family goes from pharmacy to medical supply store looking for these increasingly scarce items or inferior substitutes at prices few can afford. Often you simply cannot get what is needed, and treatment is postponed or the patient dies. Many surgeries are delayed and delayed again, because there are never enough anesthesia, medicines and surgical supplies, or the doctors are on strike because they haven't been paid, or there is no water or electricity or air conditioning or ...
THE FOUNDATION'S RESPONSE:  We are working in close alliance with one of the best private clinics in town to offer essential outpatient surgeries at accessible sliding-scale prices that are sustainable for the patient, the clinic and the Foundation. This program has emerged in collaboration with the experienced surgical sterilization team in our family planning program, and is growing rapidly.
Anaehlis is going home after almost three weeks in Intensive Care, here accompanied by ICU specialists Drs. Silvia Quijada (left) and Carmen Perez (right). What a relief, please get well soon!
Maria, who comes from a remote rural village, is recovering post-op from her surgical sterilization. The doctors repaired several umbilical hernias at the same time.  We wish her a speedy recovery.  
FAMILY PLANNING STOCK OUT: Elective family planning offers the best possible future for the women, children and families of Venezuela and the world over. The almost complete lack of contraceptives in Venezuela right now is a public health emergency of the first order!
THE FOUNDATION'S RESPONSE: We are the only public or private institution in  eastern  Venezuela that is still distributing a variety of contraceptive methods. We apply our tested social marketing techniques to reach as many rural families as possible. When women are unable to control their fertility, unplanned children are born into foregone poverty. The negative social consequences spiral into the future.
EDUCATION IN DEFAULT: The mounting lack of educational opportunity for Venezuela's youth is alarming. Public and private schools are struggling to make ends meet. School supplies are far too expensive for even “middle class” families to afford. The university system is grossly under-financed, and only partially functioning. Students at all levels are abandoning schools in droves, their families unable to adequately feed or clothe them.
 THE FOUNDATION'S RESPONSE: We are helping a severely underfunded remote public primary and high school located over an hour's walk from the road, up mountain trails crossing three rocky river fords. We supply the resources that allow them to keep functioning, and offer subsidized school supplies to the semi-literate community. Some of the students work as multipliers for us, extending these educational opportunities to others.
Our scholarship program annually helps rural students to attend high school, and successful graduating students to continue in college.
Marcela, our staff member (right, in white blouse) is here presenting a diploma to one of our graduating high school scholarship students.

If there was ever a time that Venezuela's most vulnerable citizens needed your support ... it is NOW.  Thank you!
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