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“When we are dreaming alone, 
it is only a dream.
When we are dreaming with others, 
it is the beginning of reality.”

–Dom Helder Camara
 We bring good news from Venezuela. In a time of deepening political polarity and strife, when so much of the news that comes from this country is negative, we are succeeding and achieving!   
  • While the country's public health services are in frank decline, we have performed more than 1,000 surgical interventions in the last year, working hand-in-hand with both the public and private sectors.
  • Medicines of all kinds have been scarce and expensive, but we are supplying our target populations with family planning methods, continuing to help rural and low-income urban clients determine their own fertility.
  • We are offering life-changing humanitarian assistance as people here struggle to meet their most basic medical and daily needs.  
We are using our ​strong relationship​ with doctors and clinics in both the public and private sectors to help people from poor rural areas with a broader range of services beyond our primary focus on reproductive health. 
Following her orthopedic surgery, Jorgelis will be wearing a brace for a period to reset her deformed arm.
We have been called the "Doctors Without Borders Of Sucre."

Here in the state of Sucre in northeastern Venezuela, the country's severe economic crisis is taking its toll in human suffering across the entire social spectrum. Many people cannot obtain even the most basic medical care. The Turimiquire Foundation bridges the private and public sectors to offer medical services and surgery to help low-income populations who can no longer count on the collapsing public health sector. Tubal sterilizations continue to be our most requested operation, followed by hernia repairs, cesarean sections, orthopedic, pediatric and oncological interventions. 

We are asking health care providers who have worked with us over the years to step up to the plate in this time of need!  We have specialists volunteering with us in internal medicine, ENT, gastroenterology, ophthalmology and we help rural patients with biopsies, ​laparoscopic diagnoses and ​cat scans.

Can you help us in this time of crisis?  If there has ever been an important time to help deliver these services, it is NOW, and we are asking for your support!

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EDUCATION is the solution for Venezuela's marginal rural populations!  
Our Rural Education Center is located in a remote valley several walking hours from the nearest road, close to the only rural school in the area. This facility offers students supplementary resources and scholarships to complete their high school degrees and even go to college.
Rural staff member Marcela (left, white) and Heidi (right, blue), one of our college students, are helping these primary school students learn basic computer skills and do their homework. Some of their campesino parents are still illiterate, and learning as well.
Our Internet facility in town offers our rural high school students the opportunity to further their computer and Internet skills. About 100 rural students have now graduated from high school, and 20 of these students are in college with our support.
Venezuela needs your help, now more than ever!
Join us in this time of crisis and help us to provide:
1)  Mothers and families with control over their fertility
                          2)  Children and adolescents with the opportunity to study              
3)  People in real need with humanitarian aid
4) Infrastructure for rural communities

     This is our time-tested Recipe for a Thriving Community.
           In Memory of Chuck Ehmann
More than 20 years ago, Chuck heroically brought fresh Durian seed to us from Malaysia on 24 hour non-stop connecting flights in order to arrive while still viable to plant – a mere 48 hour window. Now we have producing Durian trees, perhaps the only ones in Venezuela! And we are spreading the first generation seed of this famed tropical fruit around for everyone to plant! 
     Not everyone makes history, but Chuck sure did!   
           We'll miss you ---  RIP 1963 - 2016
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