Thank you, friends, for supporting us in Venezuela’s time of need !!!
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Helping the women and families who need it the most!

It is no secret that Venezuela has been undergoing a severe economic and social crisis that is now coming to a head after years of difficult political polarization.

What does this mean for our small Foundation dedicated to family planning and women's empowerment,  rural education and community development?

In a situation where medicines are scarce, contraceptives almost non-existent, and the public health system increasingly dysfunctional, we continue on our mission, doing everything we can to meet the demand for family planning and rural education, and to offer humanitarian assistance. 

Our surgery program in collaboration with the private sector has more than doubled in size this year. We have performed over 500 surgical sterilizations (our most requested procedure) and over 100 hernia repairs, plus selective obstetric, pediatric, and oncological interventions for low income patients who can no longer depend on the pubic health system.

We have been able to do this through our strong relationships with so many doctors and nurses, and several private clinics. Everyone is pitching in, and we are responding with a broader service-delivery model reaching low-income, working and even lower middle-class families who have no other recourse in the current situation.

Here are some of the positive stories coming out of our work in Venezuela, all of which is thanks to your support!
Mothers and daughters come together for family planning!

In families where women begin bearing children in their teens, mothers and daughters can find themselves raising young children of the same age. With reversible contraception currently scarce and extremely expensive, the demand for sterilization (which has always been the most popular form of contraception in Venezuela for women who have all the children they want) has skyrocketed, and many women travel from remote rural locations to have this effective laparoscopic procedure with us.
Gleibys Galindo, pink pants, 40 years old with three children, and her daughter Girardine Correa, lying on bed, 20 years old with two children and reproductive health problems, came together from their rural community to have their surgical sterilizations. Gleibys had her first daughter Girardine when she was 20 years old  and Girardine already has two children at 20 years old. On the left is Dr. Silvia Quijada, who coordinates our surgery program, and on the right are Betsaury and Johana (who graduated in nursing through our scholarship program), members of our rural staff who accompany their patients to the clinic for this important event in their lives. Surgery begins early, and Gleibys, quickly recuperating, is already up and dressed. Gerardine was operated later that morning, and in this photograph taken at mid-day, is still resting as the surgery session wraps up.
Francis Cordova, right, 40 years old with two children, and her daughter Francis Riva, left, 25 years old with three children, came into the clinic from a small coastal fishing village to have their sterilizations together. Mother Francis had daughter Francis when she was 15 years old (not uncommon in remote rural areas), had reproductive health issues and used an IUD for many years, and eventually had the child shown here nursing. With two children, she chose to be sterilized and avoid future pregnancies at her age. Daughter Francis already has three children, the full family that she wants to have. Daughter Francis' children will be the nieces and nephews of Mother Francis' baby boy. In rural areas where adolescents still begin child-bearing at an early age,  it is not unusual that nephews and nieces are older than their aunts and uncles!
Here are just two of many letters -- and their English translations -- soliciting our help for sterilization and hernia repair.  These letters were written by poor, marginally literate people who speak colloquially but eloquently of the human impact of the current crisis in Venezuela, where there are widespread shortages of basic foods, medicines and consumer items, and public services are in default. Both families received the help they needed. We receive hundreds of such letters, and serve as many people as we can within the limits of our budget and infrastructure.
I, Luisa Andreína Rodríguez Carrillo, 27 years old, joined in common law marriage to Tirso Sánchez, 28 years old, have four children. Today, I ask you to help me to be sterilized. I live in a “rancho” (shack). My present socioeconomic situation does not allow me to support another child. My husband is a fisherman who does not earn a steady salary. The actual situation of our country is chaotic because we cannot find basic products and if there is the chance to get some of them, we have to wait in extremely long lines. I do not have any other support to keep on having more babies, so I need your collaboration because four children are enough at my age. I need to be sterilized, please.

I, Ana Elys Malavé, mother of Cruz Miguel Velázquez, thank Fundación ServYr for helping me get surgery for my son. I am a single low-income mother. Thanks to the help the Foundation gave me, my son had an inguinal hernia surgery repair that I could not pay for because it is very expensive. From my heart, thank you Fundación ServYr.

NOTE:  The most requested operation for children and young men is hernia repair, just as the most requested operation for women is sterilization. Relatively simple problems like hernias become overwhelming issues for young men who cannot work or serve in the military or police until they are treated. Fertility becomes not a blessing but a burden for women and families who cannot control it. 
What you learn the hard way in this reality is that nothing is more important than health. Family well-being suffers immense stress when even the simplest health problems cannot be resolved. 

Please help! 

This year, as every year, we ask you to support us. We are blessed to be in a position where your contribution can make an efficient and direct difference, person by person, in this increasingly tragic human situation.

Every donation helps us to realize our fundamental goals: empower women, educate children, develop community, and offer critical humanitarian aid where we can. There are no short-cuts, but family by family, generation by generation, we can make a BIG difference in each and every community we reach.   

Thank you!

Family Planning + Education are the two pillars 
upon which successful community development rests.

We invite you to please support us 
in extending these benefits to more and more families.
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