Small Costs, Big Results


Big results at a small cost.

We are helping many thousands of Venezuelans on a very modest budget. Many of our supporters are amazed at what is being done with such small amounts of money. It’s about being very smart and passionate about every dollar that we spend. It’s also about wisely investing in human beings first!

94% directly into the field!

Over the past twenty years, an average of over 94% of every dollar has gone directly into the field.


These figures do not include income and outgoes from Fundación ServYr, our non-profit organization in Venezuela, which receives significant in-patient co-pays and donations every year in Venezuelan currency (Bolivars).

These in-country funds are dedicated in full to our rural education and rural development programs, which are therefore more extensively funded than indicated in our USD expense chart here.

See our 2023 Annual Report for more details.