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In a largely rural area of northeastern Venezuela without sufficient services, the Turimiquire Foundation began offering family planning as far back as 1996. We have since served more than 60,000 women and their families, offering a variety of contraceptive methods to these predominantly rural, low income populations. But the demographics show that there are still 100,000+ women of reproductive age in our state of Sucre who may not have access to the family planning they desire. These are the women and their families whom we now seek to reach!

After waiting too long in their rural area, these young women are finally receiving the long-acting reversible contraceptives – implants and IUDs -- that they want.
In family planning, timing makes all the difference!  
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Over the years, we have built up an extensive network of promotoras, women who reach out to offer our services in the remote rural counties of our state. These activists, usually poor and often semi-literate themselves, organize their communities to receive our family planning and reproductive health services.  This is the true story of women at all levels of education and economic status, urban and rural, poor and privileged, campesinas and doctors, coming together across multi-generations to support and empower each other and their daughters and granddaughters! 
These dedicated promotoras use the opportunities presented by the Foundation to discuss gender violence and inequity and identity, and a whole range of social and health care issues. They are ambassadors in reproductive health and family planning, empowering women to take control of their lives!
Venezuela is a country with failing infrastructure and an ongoing humanitarian crisis. Rural poverty is extreme and public health services are marginal and unreliable. The unmet need for reproductive health services is enormous, and we are often the only resource these women and families have.
Here, women are returning to their remote rural village after having received implants, IUDs, and surgical sterilizations. With their rural nurse and promotora Asmirian standing in the center, they are celebrating a long if tiring day, Mission Accomplished!  Helping rural women like these requires overcoming myriad logistical challenges in transportation and communication. 
Rural  Promotoras are the true heroes of family planning, and this is true not just in Venezuela, but the world over!
Here, Dr. Arantxa Bernasconi attends our clients for family planning. We work in two of the principal clinics in our city of Cumana, Centro Clinico Santa Rosa and Policlínica Sucre, as well as through a network of rural and urban public health facilities, a number of private doctors offices, and a chain of pharmacies. Our rural promotoras direct their clients to our service points in the cities of Cumana and Carupano, and in other outlying rural towns. Our goal is to offer our services in ever more remote rural areas.
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A special thank you to the Erik and Edith Bergstrom Foundation for generously supporting our family planning services in this time of adversity. 
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  • We maintain an extensive database and photo archive documenting our work and achievements. Ask if you would like to learn more!
“When we are dreaming alone, it is only a dream.
When we are dreaming with others, it is the beginning of reality.”

    Dom Helder Camara

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