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YES, we are working harder than ever!

Venezuela is already in an humanitarian crisis and the coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated it. Add hyper-inflation and a truly devastating dearth of gasoline in the country and you have a catastrophic environment. 

All of this impedes our work but none of it stops us – we just keep on going. We are delivering family planning, health and education services as best we can amidst the trials and tribulations and we are succeeding! 

Visit us here to understand more about the impact of COVID-19 on our work.

Here are pictures of us at work in this time of pandemia. Everyone scrupulously wears masks, medical personnel have all the PPE that we and the clinics can provide.  Social distancing is harder in a country where the health facilities are not equipped to handle the demand, long lines for everything are ubiquitous, but people do the best they can.

We feel very fortunate as a Foundation to be able to keep going and reach more people in an environment that is simply a constant challenge. Venezuela's deterioration has brought such poverty and difficulty into people's lives across the economic and social spectrum:

  • Doctors and nurses are now walking long distances or bicycling to work because there is literally no gasoline to put in their cars. Most everyone is walking long hot distances in the sun everywhere now. 
  • We are seeing people unable to receive our surgery services because their blood work is too risky (anemia etc) from malnutrition, which we have never seen before.
  • The plight of children in particular breaks our hearts. We are helping where we can with supplemental nutrition, and offering surgeries to children and adults with chronically painful and potentially dangerous hernias. These patients have virtually no other relief in sight, given the collapse of the public health system.

And what about the plight of women without any access to contraceptive support?  Families directed to stay at home due to coronavirus will have more opportunities to have sexual relations and less opportunity to control their fertility, producing more unintended babies. We are projecting a coming blip in the birth rate in Venezuela as predicted to us by many women here regarding their own fate. Many of these babies will be born into abject poverty in a country without functioning social services. Our work in family planning has never been more important.

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This 2019 PRE-COVID-19 photograph is a tribute to Katherine Nunez, the nurse in the aisle, here going home to their small coastal fishing town with a group of her patients, mission accomplished. Katherine was a wonderful health care provider, beloved in her community. She died way too young this summer of leukemia - likely complicated by COVID-19 - and we will miss her dearly.
On behalf of our staff and so many Venezuelan families, we would also like to convey a special thank you to the Erik and Edith Bergstrom Foundation for steadfastly supporting our family planning services in this time of adversity. 
“When we are dreaming alone, it is only a dream.
When we are dreaming with others, it is the beginning of reality.”

    Dom Helder Camara
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